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We provide customized HR solutions to
help small businesses compete in
today’s changing business landscape.

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You started your business because you love what you do. Once you think about hiring employees, it changes everything.


That’s where we come in. We offer full-service, full-cycle HR solutions that support your business growth, while removing the burden of figuring out all the pieces and parts of hiring, on-boarding, and developing your team.


Along the way, we help you formulate and implement the policies that will help you manage your team. Whether you have a quick question or need something more long-term, we’re here to help. We have experienced, degreed, and credentialed professionals on staff to help you navigate all of your HR-related needs.

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GO-HR uses a tested recruiting process that is affordable and thorough. Recruiters and staffing companies can cost you anywhere from 15% up to 40% of a new employee’s first year of compensation – or $6,162 to $16,432.* GO-HR averages about 70% LESS than a recruiter or staffing company.

Every client is different, so we can customize this process to fit your particular needs.

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Training is key to the success of your employees and your business. As your industry changes, so should your employees and how you do business. The first step to being able to meet these changes is to conduct an analysis of where your employees’ skills are and where they need to be. After an analysis, we’ll identify needed training, as well as develop and implement it.

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