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3-18 COVID-19 and how it impacts your business - CALL TODAY

Dear GO-HR friends and supporters:

Over the past two weeks we have been working to update you on how the coronavirus impacts you and your business. Many of you have had to make difficult decisions already and there will likely be more to come. It’s challenging and things are changing by the minute. I thought it might be helpful if we had a few other experts weighing in and answering your questions.

TODAY (Wednesday, March 18) at 3:00 p.m. ET, we will be hosting a call, joined by some of our trusted business partners, to address the latest information related to how COVID-19 (coronavirus) and latest State and Federal decisions and directives impact you, your employees, and your businesses.

- Karen Poling and Gary Reeve, both employment attorneys, will be on the call to address your concerns related to laying off employees, and other concerns related to employment law considerations.

- Brett Pizzuto, Business Development Manager and Tony Canovi, CEO, of Compensation Solutions, Inc., a third party administrator.

- Andrea Nameche, a financial advisor with Lifetime Financial Growth will be available to discuss any financial planning concerns related to the stock market, retirement accounts, etc. that you can share with your employees.

- Jeff Lacy with FocusCFO will join us with at least one their CFO’s to share some of the financial steps businesses can take during this time.

(Note: Because the paid sick leave bill – HR 6201 – is still being debated, we will address this separately in follow up communications as any guidance on this topic would likely be premature.)

To help facilitate the discussion, please send your questions (via email or DM) in advance.

We have allocated 60 minutes for this call and are limited to 1,000 e-seats. We will attempt to record it an make it available for others.

Dial-in number (US): (425) 535-9418

International dial-in numbers:

Online meeting ID: 336-281-051


GO-HR (a dba of BoldlyGO Career and HR Management, LLC)

[O] 614-473-0122  ▪  [C] 614-233-1522

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