GO-HR uses a tested recruiting process that is affordable and thorough. Recruiters and staffing companies can cost you anywhere from 15% up to 40% of a new employee’s first year of compensation – or $6,162 to $16,432.* GO-HR averages about 70% LESS than a recruiter or staffing company.

Every client is different, so we can customize this process to fit your particular needs.

Our Process

We use a comprehensive process that we customize for every client. Some of our clients prefer full-cycle recruiting support, others need support with just a few components of the process. Regardless of where you fall in the recruiting continuum, we can help you implement what works best for you.

Our recruiting process includes:

  • Writing comprehensive job descriptions and position postings designed to grab candidate attention.
  • Defining a position posting strategy that will yield the best results for your unique position.
  • Sourcing, sorting, and screening candidates for the best match to your needs.
  • Implementing an interview process to move candidates through the process while ensuring your team has an opportunity to make an informed hiring decision.
  • Delivering pre-hire assessments, including DiSC and PXT Select products.
  • Coordinating and assisting with the job offer.
  • Compiling and collecting all of the new-hire paperwork and adding them to your payroll system.
  • Developing and implementing orientation and onboarding programs.
  • Releasing applicants post-selection.

Pre-employment checks

Congratulations! You have made your hiring decision, what’s next? We can help you with pre-employment, post-offer checks, including background checks, reference checks, drug-testing, and social media scans.

Regardless of the size of your workforce, we’re here to help you with your due diligence when it comes to bringing on your next hire. And if we find something that is concerning, we’ll help you evaluate your options, including reviewing our findings with the candidate and any next steps.

For pre-employment drug testing, we’re proud to partner with Quest Diagnostics. Call for more details.

Background checks include all of the common nationwide, criminal and statewide database searches. Add-on options include credit reports, education verification, employment verification, and driving checks.

Reference checks are tailored to the position, employer, candidate, and any issues surfaced during the interview process. We’ll make the calls for you and help you develop on-boarding, performance, and coaching strategies based on what we learn.

Social media checks include a scan of the Internet, as well as major social media sites, and then we work with you to understand which information is worth responding to, and which can (and should) be chalked up to a candidate’s personal business.


A solid, comprehensive orientation not only provides a positive beginning to an employee’s new working relationship with your company, it establishes the impression an employee will have of your company from day one.

Employee engagement is at a worldwide low and poor engagement contributes to high turnover, reduced productivity, and sliding profits. Solid new employee orientation and longer-term on-boarding have been shown to increase employee engagement and ensure that your new employees are performing better faster.

We will work with you to discuss orientation and on-boarding processes and experiences that will help your new team members engage at a higher level. These processes aren’t just for the employees, though. Well-planned orientation and on-boarding programs also help you set expectations, get to know your employee, share your culture and values, and deepen the connections within your organization. All of this may seem time consuming, but study after study reinforces that doing these right directly contribute to your bottom line.

*Calculations based on the Bureau of Labor Statistics median wage for workers in the United State, September 2014.