Training is key to the success of your employees and your business. As your industry changes, so should your employees and how you do business. The first step to being able to meet these changes is to conduct an analysis of where your employees’ skills are and where they need to be. After an analysis, we’ll identify needed training, as well as develop and implement it.

HR, Personal and Professional Development

Workplace discrimination is a costly business – upwards of $64 BILLION to be exact.

Only one-third of employees are engaged in their jobs.

Turnover not only costs 150% or more of the departing employee’s annual salary, it significantly impacts your organization’s productivity and profitability.

We can develop and deliver customized training in a variety of areas to help you and your teams develop personally, professionally, and compliantly. We offer a one-hour interactive discussion format that builds on your legally-required harassment avoidance policy and fulfills the court-recommended regular training every employer should offer over this topic. Other workshops and sessions can be customized for longer programs and workshops.


Training – Face to Face and Webinars

We can help you with your training and development needs in the following areas:

  • Harassment/Discrimination Avoidance

  • Interview skills training

  • Developing and delivering performance reviews

  • Business and personal communication

  • Leadership and management training

  • Administrative support and administrative assistance training

  • LinkedIn for personal and business networking

Everything DiSC®

Imagine everyone within your organization working in concert with one another.  Employees understand themselves and others. Work gets done. Employees excel. Communication is productive and fluid. It is possible.

As an Authorized Partner of Everything DiSC®, we have direct access to a variety of valid, reliable assessments in the Wiley’s Workplace Learning Solutions catalog of products. These tools are available for individual discovery and performance coaching, as well as team building and improvement.

The Everything DiSC family of products includes:

  • DiSC and DiSC Workplace
  • Productive Conflict
  • Work of Leaders
  • 363 for Leaders
  • Sales
  • Management
  • Agile EQ

We can customize a variety of short sessions and workshops, as well as ongoing leadership and team formation and coaching.

PXT Select™

This powerful, validated selection assessment helps fill the gap between the resume and the interview.

PXT Select helps organizations make the very human decisions about hiring simpler and smarter. Learn how you can help your clients:

  • Identify their most suitable candidates, strengthening their hiring process

  • Gain confidence in their interview process with intuitive interview questions

  • Match candidates with jobs that fit their inherent capabilities

  • Identify opportunities to enhance performance and maximize an individual’s contribution to an organization

  • Reduce turnover and boost employee engagement