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Career transitions, connecting with new people, and trying new things in your business take confidence and a willingness to move forward. Risk doesn’t have to be, well, risky. When you begin with a focused plan that has very specific steps that align with your core values, risk becomes strategy.


GO-HR is all about helping you find your focus, your plan, and the job you want. With our career services, such as interview skills training, résumé and cover letter writing and face to face and social media networking webinars, you'll soon be on the right track for career success.

We're committed to helping you find a job you’ll love and love the job you have – whether it’s removing a barrier to the next level or helping you find and train the right teams to meet your business objectives. We'll help you build confidence by establishing focus, building your success story, and connecting to the people and resources you need. Social media, backed up by good, old-fashioned networking, is foundational to meeting this mission.




Individual Career Transition


  • Résumés – There are a variety of packages available, which include a thorough telephone consultation and coaching, completion of a résumé, and production of three final versions of your approved résumé. The cost of your résumé is dependent on your professional experience and career goal, and are either $299, $399, or $499. A secondary targeted résumé or résumé review is available for $199.


  • Mock Interviews/Interview Skills Coaching – You can select videotaped or in-person mock interviews that cover many of the more common interview questions asked today to identify your knowledge about the hiring company, including its culture; your ability to solve problems and think creatively; your knowledge of the industry; and the time-tested standards that ask about your goals, strengths and weaknesses. Sessions are $159 for telephone, $199 for in-person, and $259 for recorded.


  • Online profiles – We can help you set up a compelling LinkedIn or Indeed profile to complement your résumé. This can be added on to your résumé or purchased separately.

Corporate Outplacement

Whether you need to help one employee or many transitions from your organization to other opportunities, we can help. We have certified résumé writers on staff with career and HR experience. We can create custom outplacement programs or utilize our trademarked Career Bootcamp Program.

For more information or to get a quote, call 614.473.0122 or email and one of our representatives will contact you to talk about how GO-HR can be of assistance.

*The interpretation and enforcement of this Agreement shall be in accordance with the laws of the State of Ohio. By submitting payment for your resume or other career service, either through our website or via a separately-generated payment link provided by our company to you, you hereby agree that any lawsuits, actions, and other proceedings arising from this Agreement or the transactions it contemplates shall be prosecuted in the appropriate court in Columbus, Ohio and all parties agree to both subject matter and in personam jurisdiction in that forum.

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