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HR, Personal And Professional Development

Workplace discrimination is a costly business – upwards of $64 BILLION to be exact.


Only one-third of employees are engaged in their jobs.


Turnover not only costs 150% or more of the departing employee’s annual salary, it significantly impacts your organization’s productivity and profitability.


We can develop and deliver customized training in a variety of areas to help you and your teams develop personally, professionally, and compliantly. We offer a one-hour interactive discussion format that builds on your legally-required harassment avoidance policy and fulfills the court-recommended regular training every employer should offer over this topic. Other workshops and sessions can be customized for longer programs and workshops.



Training – Face To Face And Webinars


We can help you with your training and development needs in the following areas:

  • Harassment/Discrimination Avoidance

  • Interview skills training

  • Developing and delivering performance reviews

  • Business and personal communication

  • Leadership and management training

  • Administrative support and administrative assistance training

  • LinkedIn for personal and business networking



Business Meeting


The top challenges of being a manager according to surveys conducted by organizations like GALLUP and Forbes are:

1.  Unclear Expectations
2.  Heavy Workload & Lack of Preparation
3.  Job Stress and Frustrations
4.  Frustrating Performance Reviews Process


So, how can we help? 

Our program addresses the challenges and negative impacts listed above. Through over 20 hours of live, interactive training, and structured coaching to support the individual, we take the managers on a learning journey that will solidify and expand their leadership toolkit. 

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