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You can have comprehensive, professional HR support from certified and licensed HR

professionals for a fraction of the cost of hiring an in-house HR manager. Ask us how!

Business Meeting

When You Work With GO-HR, You Can Expect:


  • Initial consultation – We take this time to get to know you and understand your unique business and employees. This meeting includes learning about your various systems and processes already in place and discussing options to help you better utilize what you’re already investing in.

  • Ongoing relationship – When you hire GO-HR, you hire a team of professionals, not an account manager. This allows us to build knowledge about your company throughout our organization so we can better assist your organization.

  • Trust and respect – We work best when we become part of your team. For some clients, that includes participating in their team meetings, having dedicated office space on site, having log-ins to HR-related systems, and being part of your annual and ongoing strategy and planning sessions.

We customize how we work with every employer, from on-demand hourly consulting to customized retainer packages that start as low as five hours per month. If you’re interested in learning more about our retainer packages and the advantages and cost savings of a retainer over our open rate, please contact us today!

Let’s be honest, nobody likes HR, but everybody needs it. We can live with not being the life of the party, but can you live without us? HR is so much more than the compliance cops.


A Good HR Partner Does Help You Stay Compliant, But We Also Help With:

  • Business strategy and planning.

  • Employee engagement

  • Training and development.

  • Benefits planning.

  • Recruiting and onboarding.

  • Performance reviews.

  • Compensation, bonuses, and incentives.

  • Handbooks and policy development.

  • Operations integration.

  • And yes, compliance.

Every business is different. Don’t let the big payroll companies or PEOs tell you otherwise. Your business has unique needs and personalities and a "one-size" approach to managing your HR does not work for your company that is far from “one size.

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