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Welcome to GO Safe. You are here because you are an employee or a reporter (someone who has witnessed something to report or has identified a concern). As part of your employer’s commitment to providing a safe, healthy, and ethical workplace, they are providing this resource to you through GO-HR’s GO Safe reporting system. You can use this resource to report concerns you have for your own or others’ safety, about something you’ve witnessed that you believe is fraudulent or unethical, or if you are the receiver of unwanted harassment, discrimination, or bullying, or you have witnessed someone receiving such behavior. You can also use this resource to report someone who may be harassing, bullying, or discriminating against another person.

  • To follow up with the employer, we will need the employer’s name noted on the form or voicemail.

  • Please be as detailed as possible with the who, what, where, when, and how portion of your report. Details will allow us to better communicate the report to your employer.

  • To protect you, as the reporter, as much as possible, please do not include any self-identifying information. We strive to provide your employer with reports exactly as we receive them, but we may edit information in the report to your employer that you provide if you intended for the report to be anonymous.

  • If you want to discuss the issue with someone directly, we will need your name and contact information. In the web form, there is a place to provide this information voluntarily. If you call the hotline number, you will need to provide this information as part of the message you leave.

  • If you opt to call the hotline number rather than report via the webform, we will not provide the phone number from the reporter in our report to the employer without your consent.

  • Both the form and the hotline are available 24/7/365 for reporting but may not be monitored 24/7/365. If you have an emergency or believe someone else is in imminent danger, call 911 and report the emergency. You can still report through GO Safe after the emergency has passed.




How does GO Safe work?

You may submit your anonymous report via a web-enabled form, via a hotline, or via text through our GO Safe system.


What types of concerns can I report?

You can report concerns regarding ethical behavior, fraudulent behavior, financial and reporting irregularities, suspected illegal activity, or even discriminatory or harassing behavior.


What happens after GO Safe receives a report?

As reports are received, the employer identified in the report will receive a copy of the reported information. In some cases, GO Safe may make minor edits to remove any identifying information if it determines anonymity will be lost. The employer’s designated report recipients will receive an email indicating that a new report has been received.

What languages are supported by GO Safe?

Currently, GO Safe supports only English.

How will I know my report is confidential?

Only GO Safe representatives receive incoming reports. No names of reporters, including telephone numbers, ISP addresses, etc. are shared with employers. In some cases, GO Safe may make minor edits to further remove any identifying information if it determines anonymity will be lost. If a report indicates imminent harm, illegal discrimination, or harassment and the reporter has provided their contact information, GO Safe may contact the reporter for clarification or to advise the reporter on next steps.


When is GO Safe available?

While the online reports and hotline may not be monitored 24/7/365, GO Safe is available for reporting 24/7/365. If you are concerned about your physical safety or the safety of another or are concerned about imminent danger, call 911 immediately and return to GO Safe later to file any reports.


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