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3-21 The ODJFS and OBWC edition

Hi, GO-HR clients, friends, and family:

I feel like we’re becoming family through all of this!

I wanted to share some additional resources with you following today’s press conference by Governor DeWine. Some of these are for you, and some can be shared with your employees as you’re making difficult decisions.


  • Mass layoff instruction sheet file:///C:/Users/SharonDeLay/Desktop/JFS-00671.PDF

  • Mass layoff number: 2000180

  • The form (with the number on it) is attached and you can share this with employees you lay off.

  • If you are an employer not in Ohio, contact your state resources about what they’re doing to help your employees.

Ohio BWC:

  • The Ohio Bureau of Workers Compensation announced that BWC insurance premiums for March, April, and May may be deferred until June 1 (at which time they BWC will revisit this deferral and redetermine). This deferral will not cause your coverage to lapse.

  • The attached FAQ offers additional information on whether a COVID-19 illness is a BWC claim or not (generally no, but dependent on how the virus was contracted). It’s a great overview, but if you have questions, contact your TPA or BWC representative; or if you don’t have a TPA, let us introduce you personally to Tony and Brett at Compensation Solutions (our guests on our call last week). They’re an affordable resource to have in your corner as you navigate through all of this.

  • If you’re not in Ohio, check with your insurance broker about options available to you regarding your insurance premiums.

Ohio Department of Health

Ohio Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services:

  • Text 741741 – 4HOPE for mental health crisis (Ohio Crisis Text Line)

  • Call 1-877-275-6364 for the Ohio crisis line

National crisis services:

Health insurance premium waiver: Some states are asking providers to provide grace periods for healthcare premiums. Encourage employees to ASK their agents for more information. Don’t forget to ask about car insurance and other insurances, too.

Training (low and no-cost): Now may be the time to upskill your employees. If you are keeping people working but know there may be some downtime among the worktime, check out these resources.


Finally, with your workforce working remotely, working fewer hours, or not working at all, think about a way you or your management team can do regular check-ins with each employee. For many, these new working arrangements are not comfortable and may increase their anxiety. A call from you may do you both good!

Please do not hesitate to reach out to us here at GO-HR if we can be of assistance.

Sharon Thomas DeLay, MBA, SPHR, SHRM-SCP

614.934.1747 (O) / 614.473.0122 (O) / 614.233.1522 (C)

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